Santas by Jo Lyn

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What does Santa mean to me?

Santa has always had a significant meaning in my life. His presence can take me back to my childhood awe and wonder in a heartbeat where I relive wonderful memories. One in particular was seeing sleigh tracks in the snow from our neighbor’s horse drawn sleigh that went past our house one Christmas Eve. He DID find our house way out in the country. At the same time I see him in what he represents in the present. I see Santa as legendary, historical, mystical, mythical & magical. To me personally, the spirit of Santa is peaceful, lovable, joyful, constant, dependable, non-judgmental, forgiving, reliable, generous, jolly & happy. Can you tell I’m very passionate about my guy? His presence takes away your sadness, relieves you of your burdens & shows you what truly matters at any given moment. What matters the most is love. It’s not about all the presents he delivers. It’s about the love he embodies. His spirit is one I embrace on a daily basis.

I have a sign that reads I Believe in Santa Claus hanging above a window in my living room. It is more significant today than when I purchased it because my mother read that sign after singing a song to all of us the last Christmas she was with us. Now I hear her voice as I look at that sign remembering her & my dad as my Santa Claus. So for me, Santa is my mom & dad, the man whose lap I sat on, the man who was in all the Christmas movies and the spirit that surrounds me as I sculpt each and every Santa.  

Jo Lyn


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Santas by Jo Lyn