Santas by Jo Lyn

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Jo Lyn UnangstBecoming an artist happened rather slowly and unintentionally.  I started sculpting Santas in clay one weekend in 1998 when my young niece and nephew were visiting.  Unlike the children who were spontaneous in their creativity, my critical adult voice held me back from being free to create and I started my first sculpture by copying a Santa figurine from a magazine.  At that point, I wasn’t aware of what was within me.  Now when I sculpt, I step back to look at my work and am amazed at what has come out of me.  I believe that is the magic of being an artist.  Each new creation comes from the depths of my soul.

Along the path of my artistic journey, I discovered gourd art. One day while looking for a book on sculpting, I came across a very colorful book on gourd art.  Immediately I was drawn into the organic creations.  It was as if I had no control going down that path.  My first project was a canteen gourd purse.  From there I progressed to other gourd creations. 

In becoming an artist, I have untapped and connected to parts of me in a whole new light, parts of me that I didn’t know existed such as self-expression, vision, joy and passion.  Getting lost in the creativity process is like driving down the road and taking the road less traveled.  I invite you to join me on my journey as I introduce my art to you.







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Santas by Jo Lyn